9 Best Gaming Chairs for Utmost Comfort in Singapore 2022

9 Best Gaming Chairs for Utmost Comfort in Singapore 2022

Having the right gaming tools and accessories can help in elevating your experience in playing games by making them more comfortable and conducive. Hence, choosing the correct gaming chair that suits your body and caters to your needs is essential. According to the experts, most game enthusiasts would spend approximately six to eight hours playing computer games every week. The number of gamers is increasing in 2020 due to the worldwide lockdowns of Covid-19. Many find that playing games are escapism from their stressful lifestyle and a platform to socialize with their friends. Therefore, it is essential to find a gaming chair to sit comfortably for long hours. Sitting in the wrong position can cause body ache and leads to severe back pain in the long term.

If you're looking for the best gaming chairs for your comfort, read this article as we've prepared a list of Top Gaming Chairs in Singapore 2022.

1. Secretlab

Secretlab TITAN Evo 2022 Series Gaming Chair

(Source: Secretlab)

Secretlab was founded in 2014 by Ian and Alaric, who had become frustrated by their never-ending search for a gaming chair that they were satisfied with. Dozens of prototypes were developed in the run-up that became the chair of choice of the world's premier esports tournaments.

Secretlab TITAN Evo 2022 Series is a customizable gaming chair to cater to various body sizes-small, regular, and XL. Customers can pick their desired upholstery materials from hybrid leatherette, software plus fabric, and NAPA leather. The product features adjustable lumbar support and research-backed ergonomics for a healthy sitting posture. 

Product specifications:

  • Material: NEO hybrid leatherette, SoftWeave plus fabric, and NAPA leather
  • 4-directional soft PU-coated armrests
  • Multi-tilt mechanism
  • Product dimension: (Small) 83.5cm (L) x 71cm (W) x 38cm (H), (Regular) 85cm (L) x 72cm (W) x 38cm (H), (Large) 88cm (L) x 78cm (W) x 38cm (H)

2. Osim

Osim uThrone S gaming chair

(Source: Osim)

A prolonged sitting in front of the screen can lead to discomfort, muscle tension, and body aches. Therefore, the Osim uThrone S gaming chair comes with a unique feature, the vibration massage, to help in relaxing tense muscles and improve blood circulation. The vibration intensity can be set into three modes – high, low, and auto. 

Product specifications:

  • Material: breathable PVC woven leather and suede, 
  • Adjustable back strap, charging port, and side hook
  • Product dimension: W69 x H125 x D59

3. Razer

Razer Iskur gaming chair

(Source: Razer)

Razer was founded in 2005 by Min Liang Tan and Robert Krakoff. It has become one of the most recognized logos in the global gaming and esports communities. The company has built the world's largest gamer-focused ecosystem of hardware, software, and services. 

The Razer Iskur is a gaming chair with built-in lumbar support, multi-layered synthetic leather, and high-density foam cushions. 

Product specifications:

  • Material: PVC leather
  • Seat cover: Black
  • Recommended Height: 180 cm - 208 cm (6' to 6'10")
  • Recommended Weight: < 180 kg (< 399 lbs)

4. Vertagear

Vertagear PL4500 gaming chair

(Source: Vertagear)

The PL4500 was designed with a high backrest and industrial-grade metal base. It provides excellent odor control, anti-bacterial properties, and an extended period of comfort during intense gaming sessions. The bottom of the chair is engineered with industrial-grade metal to support up to 180kg/ 400lb for long-lasting comfort for all body shapes and sizes. 

Product specifications: 

  • Adjustable 3D armrests
  • Lumbar & neck support 
  • Dimension: 86 x 73 x 39 cm / 33.8 x 28.7 x 15.3 in


The Sphinx APOL gaming chair

(Source: APOL)

A young graduate of Singapore Polytechnic founded the brand. His initial idea was to look for the perfect chair to relieve his back pain. He then realized that great chairs come at a high cost; therefore, he integrated his bad experiences and developed them into a product.

The Sphinx supports every posture and sitting position for petite individuals. Lean back and sink into Sphinx Chair adapts to your body weight and shapes into your personalized comfort. 

Product specifications: 

  • Recommended height: 150-165 cm
  • Recommended weight: <120 kg
  • Microfiber PU leather

6. Royale Ergonomics

Poseidon Royale Ergonomics gaming chair

(Source: Royale Ergonomics)

The Royale Ergonomics has three decades of experience in automotive and aviation upholstery. The automotive-grade upholstery is crafted, designed, and developed by Transcal, headquartered in the United Kingdom. 

The Poseidon is automotive-grade and the materials used are highly durable regardless of the climate. With its unique design, you will be able to position the lumbar support at your preferred position and ensure it will stay until the subsequent usage. The soft foam headrest provides ample support for your neck during more extended working periods at your desk. 

Product specifications:

  • Dimensions: SW53 x TH126-132 x BD70 cm
  • 4D armrest
  • Magnetic Lumbar Support
  • Recommended weight: 125 kg
  • Recommended height: 155-195 cm

7. Herman Miller

Keyn Herman Miller gaming chair

(Source: Herman Miller)

Herman Miller is a 100-year-old-plus company that places great importance on design, the environment, community service, and the health and well-being of the customers and employees. Today, Herman Miller is recognized as an innovator in contemporary interior furnishings, solutions for healthcare environments, and related technologies and services. 

The Keyn Chair is a versatile and multi-function chair that offers immediate comfort, supports people's movements, and blends into various environments. To maximize the convenience of sitting, Keyn responds to the body's movements and allows the one-piece seat-and-back shell to slide smoothly and recline up to 10 degrees. 

8. Fantech

Fantech The Alpha GC-183 premium gaming chair

(Source: Fantech)

The Alpha GC-183 premium gaming chair is designed based on car racing seats that have been proven to be ergonomically capable of supporting the weight distribution of the human body. To accommodate comfort for long hours of playing games in front of a computer or finishing up work. The multi-functional tilt mechanism can be locked in a tilt position or tilted backward in an upright position. 

Product specifications: 

  • 4D Armrests
  • Head Pillow and Lumbar Pillow
  • Multi-Functional Tilt Mechanism
  • Full-Length Backrest Recline
  • Class 4 Hydraulic Pistons

9. Blackwolf 

The Blackwolf Alpha Reaper Series gaming chair

(Source: Blackwolf)

The Blackwolf was established in 2011 with a background in motorsport and e-racing. The brand now has evolved into the field of gaming chairs, where the experience contributes to the performance and design that provides comfort. The Blackwolf Alpha Reaper Series is created with style and comfort to offer comfortability and body support while maintaining a sophisticated gamer design outlook. 

Product specifications:

  • Recommended height: 150-190 cm
  • Recommended weight: <180 kg

Finding the perfect gaming chair that suits your needs and preferences is not easy. Therefore, I hope this article, '9 Best Gaming Chairs for Utmost Comfort in Singapore 2022', will give you some ideas for revamping your space. If you're looking for a place to buy home and office furniture, feel free to visit our website or walk into our physical store located in Kota Damansara upon appointment.

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